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IaaS Session at Cloud Expo Intel's co-founder, Gordon Moore, famously predicted [PDF file link] way back in 1965 that transistors on a chip will double every 2 years. And so they have ever since (therefore, Moore's Law). With increased processing power, computers are increasingly able to process more data in less time - helping users be more productive. So the cycle has been that every few years, hardware in data centers gets obsolete (even though they are in perfectly good working condition), requiring IT departments to spend capital to refresh their data centers to keep productivity levels high and their companies competitive. Application designs, for their part, have also changed drastically over the past 10 years - with newer technologies built to use that raw processing power. Upgrading applications, therefore, is a routine job these days in all IT environment... (more)

Argument for SOA in Cloud Computing Environment

Cloud Expo 2010 East in New York Someone recently asked me whether Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) adoption will slow down now that companies are seriously looking at Cloud computing alternatives to their internal architectures. After all, SOA was a big buzzword in the past several years because of its ability to reduce speed of deployment and complexity, and therefore, total cost of ownership. With more applications and infrastructure elements moving to the Cloud, the argument goes, the need to implement SOA within the enterprise could be diminished. I have seen some article... (more)

Choosing a Cloud Strategy? Here's What You Need to Know

Opening Keynote at Cloud Expo So you have been hearing a lot about Cloud Computing - and you have moved a few applications out to Google Apps or even migrated all your sales management to In so doing, you have adopted a software deployment model (SaaS) first introduced in the early part of this decade... Granted, the model has only recently become popular because of big players getting into the fray, but SaaS (while a big chunk of the Cloud model) is still just scratching the surface. Register Today and Save $550 ! Explore Sponsorship Opportunities ! With hyper... (more)

Understanding Amazon's Kindle Strategy

When Jeff Bezos introduced the Kindle Fire on Sept-28 2011, he mentioned that he's not introducing just another tablet, but adding to an ever increasing number of ways you can consume your Amazon content. Kindles are (as Bezos put it) an "end-to-end service" - not just a stand-alone product. So when someone compares it with other "tablet devices" out there, I believe they miss the point. Because, unlike say, the Samsung Galaxy Tab or the Motorola Xoom, all Kindles have one distinguishing characteristic: they are connected to Amazon's dynamic content delivery engine (i.e. their we... (more)

Integration Issues in Cloud Environments

As Cloud adoption increases and applications get more embedded in traditional business, questions of application interconnectivity, data integration and security will bubble up to the surface. And that is where we will have problems in the very near future. At this time, application vendors are looking for the best way to deliver solutions using the Cloud infrastructure to customers, and with the recent announcement of Google Apps marketplace, these customers will now have more solutions to choose from after the's AppExchange. Having data in a Cloud environment po... (more)