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Reuters reported last week that the ash cloud over Europe and the resulting disruption in airline schedules and has caused a huge backlog in supply chain shipments from Asia. Every day, millions of tons of goods are shipped from ports in Asia and backlogs of several days will put a huge strain on manufacturers and distributors not only in the region, but around the world. This means data processing systems will be strained with huge data volume in the next few weeks. If system utilization was already running at 95% capacity, as are most over-optimized environments these days, they will need additional / elastic capacity to handle the load, or risk impacting shipments and manufacturing lines. This situation, with its immediate business consequences and short-term nature, is the best use-case yet for Cloud deployment (Private or Public) within an Enterprise IT environ... (more)

Benefits of Automated Invoice Processing

Last year, during the height of the Great Recession, when sales revenues were down significantly and credit was difficult to come by, many companies that stayed afloat did so by aggressively cutting costs. When cash preservation is critical for maintaining competitive advantage (or in many cases, for simply staying afloat), every business process that costs money to maintain needs to be reviewed thoroughly and streamlined where possible.   One such process that is common to all companies is the AP (Accounts Payable) process. The International Accounts Payable Professionals estima... (more)

Choosing a Cloud Strategy? Here's What You Need to Know About IaaS

IaaS Session at Cloud Expo Intel's co-founder, Gordon Moore, famously predicted [PDF file link] way back in 1965 that transistors on a chip will double every 2 years. And so they have ever since (therefore, Moore's Law). With increased processing power, computers are increasingly able to process more data in less time - helping users be more productive. So the cycle has been that every few years, hardware in data centers gets obsolete (even though they are in perfectly good working condition), requiring IT departments to spend capital to refresh their data centers to keep produ... (more)

Argument for SOA in Cloud Computing Environment

Cloud Expo 2010 East in New York Someone recently asked me whether Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) adoption will slow down now that companies are seriously looking at Cloud computing alternatives to their internal architectures. After all, SOA was a big buzzword in the past several years because of its ability to reduce speed of deployment and complexity, and therefore, total cost of ownership. With more applications and infrastructure elements moving to the Cloud, the argument goes, the need to implement SOA within the enterprise could be diminished. I have seen some article... (more)

Choosing a Cloud Strategy? Here's What You Need to Know

Opening Keynote at Cloud Expo So you have been hearing a lot about Cloud Computing - and you have moved a few applications out to Google Apps or even migrated all your sales management to In so doing, you have adopted a software deployment model (SaaS) first introduced in the early part of this decade... Granted, the model has only recently become popular because of big players getting into the fray, but SaaS (while a big chunk of the Cloud model) is still just scratching the surface. Register Today and Save $550 ! Explore Sponsorship Opportunities ! With hyper... (more)